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My Sonic Feedback

My Sonic restaurant is a famous food joint in the US. Just like every other growing company, they would want to get customer’s feedback, so as to know how to improve their products and services. To show how valuable customer’s reviews are to them, they offer incentives to those who are willing to take their time to do a 5-10 minutes review on their website www.mysonicfeedback.com.¬†How was your experience with them during your last visit to their outlets? Did you get a fine burger? Was their meal well cooked? How about their customer service, were they top class? You could actually earn a free drink by telling them your experience with their last outlets you visited. Be that as it may, whether or not you are satisfied during your last visit, you’ll definitely win your free drink, so it’s a win-win for you and the company.

Also, the feedback is essential, as it helps them run a survey, so as to identify where they are lagging behind, and to generate ideas and innovative ways on how to improve their customers’ experience.

How can you qualify for the review?
1. you’ll have to make a purchase from them.
2. collect a receipt.
3. The receipt should not be more than 14 days old.

How to give the review?
– First you make a purchase, then you’ll get a receipt with a 18 ID number.
– Then you need a computer, phone or tablet with and Internet connection.
– Then within 14 days of your purchase, visit their website www.mysonicfeedback.com
– You’ll be asked series of questions, ensure to give the right feedback as possible as you can.
– After your survey, you’ll be asked to provide your personal details like name and contact. (Fill them correctly)
– You’re done with the survey.

What do you stand to gain after giving your review on mysonicfeedback.com?
As a sign of appreciation and for your time spent, you’ll be given a prize validation code receive a free drink on any My Sonic outlet.

Things to note before or after reviewing your feedback on mysonicfeedback.com

– You have only 60 days to redeem your free drink, else, they would expire.
– You can choose between Spanish and English while giving your feed back on www.mysonicfeedback.com.
– You’re limited to only 1 free drink per ticket, and cannot use it for any other offer.
– There are limited type of drinks you can order with your promo ticket. Drinks you can order are; slushes, iced teas, limeades and soft drinks.
– You should always notify the free drink promo code while placing the order
– You’ll be charged for extra drinks or add ins

How safe is it to give my personal details?

It is very safe to submit your personal details. It is clearly stated in their Private Policy that they would not use your personal info for marketing purposes.

Please note that participating in this survey is voluntarily, but it would be great if you do so, because it would be beneficiary to the company.

If you encounter any problem while filling the survey, you can contact their customer support to assist you tackle any challenges that you’re facing.


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