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Waste Management Total Rewards

There are some companies that treat their employees like gold, but offering them several bonuses and rewards, as a sign of appreciation for their great contributions to the company. Waste Management Total happens to be one of them. If you’re an employee of Waste Management, Inc, then count yourself lucky, because you’re eligible to participate in this reward, and benefit from all it has to offer. You’ll be surprised that it even has more than you can imagine or expected.

Waste Management, Inc is a U.S based company founded in the year 1894. They specialise in making available a comprehensive waste management services to about 2o million North American residential, industrial, commercial and municipal customers. With a workforce or over 45,000 employees, they collect, transfer, dispose and recycle waste products.

Waste Management Total Reward is a reward set aside exclusively for all the employees of Waste Management Inc. This reward is supported by Hewitt Associates and AT&T which enables people to connect to human resources and benefits services. Just for the reward system, they created a special website, so that their employees who want to participate and enjoy these rewards would have easy access to them by registering and visiting this website www.mywmtotalrewards.com.

Who is eligible for the Waste Management total Reward?
Unfortunately, only employees of Waste Management Inc., are eligible for the reward they are offering at mywmtotalrewards.com
What is needed to register for this reward?
– A computer or phone or Ipad with an internet connection
– Your Social Security Number (SSN)
– Your Date of birth
How to take part in this mywntotalrewards.com reward?
– The first step is to visit the website www.mywntotalrewards.com
– Then click on “register as a new user”. If you’re a Canadian, you have to first click on the link provided for Canadian users before proceeding with “register as a new user” (There’s no difference between the Canadian user’s page and the other one, just that Canadian users are required to use that link).
– Then you’ll be required to provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) and your date of birth.
– Then click on “Continue”
– Now you’ll have to create your user ID.
– Fill in other details, then you’re done.
– After registering, all you have to do is to enter your login information so as to be able to gain access to the reward.
What would my SSN be used for?
The SSN that you’ll provide on mywmtotalrewards.com would be used to verify your identity, so as to ensure you are eligible for this reward.
What do I stand to benefit by taking part in the Waste Management Total Rewards?
If you’re a staff of Management Total Rewards, you’ll be granted access to beneficial information quickly and conveniently. You’ll have the privilege to get information about your health plan provider, your payroll processors and your mutual fund administrator on www.mywmtotalrewards.com.
What does Waste Management Total stand to gain for this mywmtotalrewards.com reward?
This Waste management Total Reward is absolutely for non-profit. It’s just a medium to give back to their employees for their good jobs.
If you’re an employee of Waste Management, then visit www.mywmtotalrewards.com to explore this great opportunity.
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