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About Reebok And The Survey

Reebok needs no introduction. This global athletic brand has been part of our clothing accessories for as long as we can’t remember. Having existed since 1958, Reebok has always ensured they manufacture top-quality products for their ever-enthusiastic consumers.

From athletic shoes to clothing and sports gear, the company has indeed made a name for itself as one of the most sought-after especially in athletic quarters. In a bid to keep up their top quality, the company offers a survey platform where loyal customers can post their feedback and enable the company to improve in the areas they may presently be lacking in. Let’s find out more on what this survey entails.

How To Take A Survey With Reebok

First things; before entering the survey, you need to ensure you meet the following minimum requirements;

>  You should have a stable internet connection.

>  You need to have access to an electronic device such as a mobile phone, a laptop, tablet etc.

>  Most importantly, you should have with you a receipt from Reebok store or a special survey invitation.

The Procedure

Upon submission of survey, you will be entered into prize draw for voucher. The voucher helps in buying a pair of shoes. For further details, view terms and conditions.

1. You will begin by visiting this site – www.reebok.com/feedback and begin by choosing a language of your preference. The site will normally be set for English as the default language but you can also use Spanish.

2. Next, you will need to click on the “Next’’ button to formally begin the survey.

3. You will then enter the date that you made your purchase from Reebok followed by the store number as is indicated at the back of your receipt.

4. Next is entering the transaction number, also located at the back of your receipt. This number has to be entered twice in order for it to be verified.

5. There will be a drop-down menu that will appear and from it, you can select the category that matches your age followed by typing in the security characters in the box provided right beneath it.

6. You will then click “Submit’’.

7. There are questions to be answered and these revolve around your experience at the store; right from the ambience, the length of time it took for you to be served, the staff attitude etc.

8. Also, you will need to rate some of these situations based on whether you liked or disliked them.

9. Lastly, you will submit the survey.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking The Survey And The Incentives Involved?

This survey is beneficial for both the customer and the company. As the customer, you get a chance to get your voice heard and possibly contribute towards the growth and development of this global brand. As for the company, they can know what areas need improvement, what areas they are excelling in and what can be done to improve their overall productivity.

After completing this survey, you will be entered into a prize draw for a voucher. The voucher will help you avail lots of offers on the many Reebok stores countrywide.

Reference Links:

  1. Reebok Feedback Survey Link:  www.reebok.com/feedback
  2. Reebok Website:  www.reebok.com


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