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About the Scout and the Survey

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the biggest youth development organizations in the country that focuses on the values and character of every American youth. The organisation was founded in 1910. The scout is formed to facilitate trainnings of all the participants in order to develop sense of responsibility as well as pursue physical fitness, ready to face what comes ahead in life. The organization is now comprised of almost 2.4 Million members.

The best way this organization can maintain their top quality services offered to their buying participants is through making sure that the buyers have satisfactory experience when buying stuff from their local Boy Scout shops made available in their respective states. In that regard, the customers are encouraged to take a 5- minute survey so as to give feedback and evaluation of the quality of services they had in the shop they recently visited.

How To Take The Survey

To begin with, perhaps it will interest you to know that all personal information gathered will be kept confidential so you can feel comfortable in giving your feedback and be honest about it. This will benefit both parties. As a customer, you will be served better in future and the shop will improve on the areas it is currently lacking in.

Steps to follow in taking the survey

1. Kindly visit www.scoutstuff.org/survey

2. The first 2 boxes will let you enter your state and the store you visited.

3. From your receipt, kindly copy the transaction code to the box allotted.

4. Enter the association name you will also find from your receipt.

5. Enter the total purchase amount; also based on your receipt.

6. Be sure to enter the exact date of your visit.

7. Fill in the circle indicating the exact time you visited the shop. Given options are opening, which is from 11am to 1pm or Closing which is from 1pm to 4pm.

8. Experience Rating: You will then be asked to rate your overall experience on the day that you visited the store, based on a scale from 1 to 10 that corresponds to: 1- as unsatisfying to 10- as very satisfying.

9. After rating each and every service category given in the survey, you will then be asked for the rate of your likelihood to come back as well as whether you would recommend that store for other members/ people.

10. Store Rating: You will be asked to rate the store itself through same rating system used. This time,  you will be asked if you were served by a friendly employee, was the service fast and customer friendly,  the cleanliness of the shop, the availability of stocks and of course the products’ quality.

11. You will next be asked for a personal comment and suggestions you think would best improve their services. This is the chance for you to state whatever problem you came across with their service.

12. Lastly, you will be asked to enter your personal information needed for them to reach you. From your first and last name, home address, city, state, your zip code and your contact number.

Benefits for Taking the Survey

You can Win Exciting Prizes by completing the Survey at www.scoutstuff.org/survey

  • You will be eligible for their sweepstakes draw.
  • You can also earn gift checks and other major prices such as free purchase of any products you like.
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