www.sheetzlistens.com – A tool for gauging their own quality of service

About Sheetzlistens.com:

Sheetzlistens.com is a website used to take customer satisfaction survey where it serves as a tool for gauging their own quality of service. This site enables the customers to share their overall experience with the store starting from the quality of service, payment, staff and much more for each individual product sold at the store.

Unlike other survey websites, Sheetzlistens.com is very well organized and simple and thus it takes very less time to go through all the questions and offer a response to them. It has easy-to-fill check-in boxes for each products sold at the store. The website asks the user to start the survey by entering the invitation code provided to them. It also has a snapshot of the details to fill in, which is very helpful for new users to understand and easily navigate through the website.

Each page of the website asks only the questions that the user is comfortable filling and generally, what they have observed during their visit to the store. For ex: If a user bought fuel from Sheetz store, then he/she will be asked about cleanliness of the pump, the ease of payment at the pump/ the store, the friendliness of the staff, the availability of the fuel when they visited the store as well as the ease of operation of fuel filling, their interaction with the fuel pumping staff, their satisfaction with the service, comments about the price, the problems faced during the purchase and how well they would recommend it to their friends.

The website is designed in such an elegant way that the user does not have to type in anything except the invitation code and their expression of satisfaction in few sentences and the rest of the website comprises of multiple choices from which they have to select one or more depending upon their view of the quality of the service. The survey does not ask any inappropriate questions apart from the questions about their services.

At the end of the survey, the customer is given an option to enter a lucky draw popularly called as Sweepstakes. This ensures that the customers will be happier and more satisfied that they have had a great time filling out the survey and also will be excited about the surprise gifts they would get if they were the lucky winner.

Advantages of doing with the survey:

• The user gets to participate in lucky draw events even if they have not purchased anything costly. This means the lucky draw will be the same irrespective of the amount of purchase.

• Since the feedback asks about very minute details like the staff greeting, or their eye contact, this survey helps Sheetz to improve the quality of service at all levels.

• This feedback does not incur any additional charge on the customer, thus it would be a great opportunity for the customer to help the company improve on the areas they are insufficient through this feedback. If more people complain about a particular service/staff then it would help Sheetz to take appropriate actions to fix the issue.

About Sheetz Links:

  1. Sheetz Survey Link: www.sheetzlistens.com
  2. Sheetz Website: www.sheetz.com



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