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About Sportclips.com

Sportclips Haircuts is a hairstyle franchise which specializes in men’s haircuts, with a presence in all 50 states of the U.S.A. Sportclips has over 1000 stores all over the US and also new franchises have been recently been started in Canada. The franchise prides itself in providing remarkable experience in haircut in a sports themed environment.   The company seeks valuable feedback from the customers who have recently visited their haircut chain.

Sportclips.com/survey is an online questionnaire webpage used to get feedback from the customer regarding the experience, courtesy of the hairstylist, ambience and cleanliness etc. The feedback helps Sportsclip Haircuts to continually improve their services so as to improve guest experience and the overall guest satisfaction in the future. This is a simple feedback survey that will take you only 5 minutes.

Conditions Necessary Before Taking The Survey

· You should be 16 years of age or older.

· You are required to have the latest receipt from your last visit to Sportclips.

· You have to know the state code in which you have availed the haircut service.

· You have to take note of your receipt number from your receipt.

· You can use any of your devices e.g. smart phones, tablets etc. to access the webpage. Since it is an online survey, having a good internet connection will make your survey experience smooth.

Note: in case you encounter problems in accessing the website, and if you are using a pop up blocker software, there are chances that the survey may not load properly. To resolve this problem, you have to open your pop up blocking software and allow the URL of the Sportclips survey to the safe list. In case you are using multiple pop up blockers, then you will have to do the same changes in each of the pop up blockers.

Step by step instructions on how to take the feedback survey at Sportclips

· Please go to the website www.sportclips.com/survey on your device. You can also visit the company main page www.sportclips.com and click on the survey link on the main page of the company website.

· On the survey main page, the company welcomes and appreciates you for taking your time to provide the feedback, so that it can improve its customer experience in future.

· Please enter the 5 digit store code on your receipt. It will usually be printed on the top side of your receipt.

· Now, enter the receipt number present on your receipt. You will find it at the top side of your receipt

· Next, enter the date of your visit to our haircut store, then your first and last name.

· You then enter your email address and while you do, note that Sportclips respects your privacy and your email address will not be sent to third party companies without prior permission.

· You will have to reconfirm your email address by typing it again.

· You can also give your phone number, which is only optional.

· Be sure to read the questions thoroughly and answer only when you have understood the question completely

· After answering the question, click next to move on to the next question

· After completion of the questionnaire, you will be provided with the validation code.

Sportclips Haircuts Company takes customer feedback seriously and they work relentlessly to improve their customer experience. The customer feedback has helped the company to enhance the customer experience with each new visit. As a way of thanking the customers for giving their feedback, Sportclips Company provides coupons
for the customers which they can redeem at the nearest store during their next visit.

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