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Guidlines on Taking the Dunkin Donutt Survey Online

Dunkin Donuts is a company based in the U.S which started in 1950. Over the years, the company has became synonyms with quality and this has seen it expand its operations to thirty six countries worldwide. One of the key aspects that has helped in this tremendous growth is the principal of continuous improvement that the company employs. The management realized that customer feedback is invaluable in helping the company improve on its customer service. Due to this, the leadership of Dunkin’ Doughnut decided to start an online survey. Any qualified person can take it at telldunkin.com and it is quite easy and will not take up much of your time.

Some Ground Rules:

1. The very first thing that you should do before attempting the survey is to make a purchase from a Dunkin store. The receipt contains the survey code that you will use.

2. The survey code on your receipt has a validity of three days from the time of purchase so make sure you use it before then.

3. The receipt is also important in that you will fill in a validation code on a specified place on the receipt ,so take good care of your receipt.

4. The validation code is viable for 180 days after which it becomes useless. Therefore make sure you visit a Dunkin store before your time to claim the price is up.

Step by Step Guide in Undertaking the Survey at telldunkin.com:

1. The very first thing you do is head to telldunkin.com and open the guest survey page.

2. You have the option of taking the survey in two languages- English or Spanish. Select the language that you are most     conversant in.

3. After this, feed the 18 number survey code into the system. The code is found on the receipt and it is well indicated so that it is very difficult for you to miss it.

4. Click on start and a page with questions will load which you are required to answer.They will ask the amount of time it took you  to be served to the type of products that you purchased- either food or beverage.

5. You will further be asked to rate how satisfied you are on the demeanor of the staff at the store and on the quality of the food  and drinks.

6. The Dunkin Donuts has a loyalty program and if you are enrolled in it you will answer a few more questions. If not, you will proceed to the end of the survey where you will be asked to fill in your personal information. This information is well protected so you should not be concerned about identity theft.

7. After completing the survey, you will wait for a few minutes and a validation code will be sent to you. You should write down this code on a specified place on your receipt.

The Reward:

In order for you to qualify for the reward- a free doughnut you must present the receipt with the validation code on it.

Please note, in order for you to qualify for the survey at telldunkin.com , you must be eighteen years and above. You also cannot use the same receipt to participate in two surveys, if you do this, both surveys will be nullified.

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